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Posted by Leslie on September 16, 2014 at 10:40 AM

So, as the "Big Brownie Birthday" draws to a close, so attention wanders towards the next group due to have a Centenary - Senior Section. Laying aside the question of whether their anniversary should be celebrated in 2016 (which would be 100 years since Cadets/YLs were founded) or in 2017 (which would be 100 years since Senior Guides/Rangers were founded), there is a lot of scope for research into Senior Section history, as they tend to be the section which receives scant attention in most of the history books (and doesn't appear at all in some!)


It probably isn't helped by the less-straightforward structure of the age group. After Cadets were started, within the Ranger section there were Senior Guides, then Rangers, then Sea Guides and Sea Rangers were added, then Sea Guides were dropped, then Air Rangers were added and the mainstream Rangers became Land Rangers to differentiate them from the 'Seas' and 'Airs' - then the Cadets and various forms of Ranger were all grouped together into "Senior Branch" as an umbrella title for the group, next the various sorts of Rangers were merged into all being Ranger Guides, and Cadets were abolished. Then Young Leaders were started (and could be considered a replacement), then "Senior Section" was created as an umbrella title to cover all members aged 14-26 regardless of whether they were Rangers, Young Leaders, Leaders, Unit Helpers, Trefoil Guild, Appoinment Holders or whatever (yes, another umbrella)!

Compared to Guides which stayed as Guides throughout the 100 years, or Rosebuds which became Brownies after a year, it's awfully complicated!


Nevertheless, as the oft-forgotten section, it's time to start collecting info on their history. All contributions welcome, as I work on refurbishing the Senior Section page . . .

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